We bring your story alive!

Every day we take pride and joy in being on the side of our partners and clients to create quality media-based interactive attractions which unite friends and families.
Our involvement can vary from one project to another, from providing “just” the technology to producing complete turnkey attractions. Yet in every project we always strive to achieve a perfect balance between technology and emotions, reflecting a long-lasting “sense of purpose”.

Visitors can enjoy Alterface rides in:

Warner Bros. World™, PortAventura World,Six Flags, Lego Discovery Centers, Cedar Fair, Carowinds, Ferrari World, IMG, Lotte World, Yumiyuri land, Hub Zero, Jardin d’Acclimatation, Legendia, Qingdao Wanda, Phantasialand and many more.


The Alterface team matches the devices and technology with attraction theme and audience. Our system is versatile and can be adapted to any requirements, interconnecting and managing all ride components. We develop the optimum device design and type of interaction to enhance the experience.  Alterface experts ensure that screens, physical sceneries, animatronics, FX, audio, vehicles and all other ride element are completey aligned and synchronized. Our technology is a means to just one end: entertaining visitors and making sure they can fully enjoy the ride!


Alterface can fit your attraction in any space, small or big, indoor or outdoor, open space or with walls and pillars. Your infrastructure constraint becomes the creative challenge to our team!

The most immersive way to move visitors through an interactive environment

Interactive Dark Ride is the most successful product from Alterface. Vehicles will move your visitors from places to places and visitors will be able to interact with everything around them. More intense parts of the ride can be delivered thanks to screen but the whole scenery is interactive. This high-end product is the best way to tell an interactive and immersive story.

The best interactive and immersive group experience on a small footprint

The Interactive Theater is the classic of the interactive attractions invented by Alterface. This configuration offers the best immersive and interactive group experience to share with family and friends while keeping a good throughput on a small footprint. It provides action and fun thanks to the customized motion seats and all the FX included.

The most unpredictable journey your visitors are going to take

The Erratic Ride combines our love for storytelling, group experience, Interactive Dark Rides and the best features of the Interactive Theater with an unexpected twist:

the experience is always different. The vehicles will go in different rooms every time, but they will reunite in a ballet in the center of the attraction. Visitors will not be able to guess the next journey they will see, while we still provide state of the art interactivity and added secrets target to collect.

The most intimate  interactive experience

The Walkthroughs are a unique way to let your visitors evolve freely in their environment and have a personal adventure. As soon as you make this attraction interactive it becomes the perfect immersive experience where the visitor is the hero. He can make his on choices, interact with the environment… The perfect adventure on a small footprint and small budget!

Unique mix of tournament interactive gaming and  motion

Action league, The Interactive Revolution! Multiple teams compete against each other up to a final winner, featuring an ultra-dynamic multi axis rotation. The competition takes place in one large room and all teams duel amongst each other, across 3 to 5 different scenes. Winning teams compete against each other, alternating up to the final winning team.