The Story
Welcome to the Lee Family Ranch! Farmer Otis has been the proud caretaker of this homestead and dairy barn for over 50 years. For as long as Otis can remember, the cows and bees have been at odds with each other. The cows love to graze in the field with wildflowers where the bees collect nectar. The bees sting the cows for eating and trampling over the flowers. The cows retaliate by trying to shoot the bees down with milk from their udders.

This odd debacle has lasted for at least 4 generations of the Lee family; Otis has had enough of this fighting! The bees have been a nuisance for far too long. He has called over many different people to help, but nothing has really worked. Perhaps you and your friends can help resolve this endless fight between the cows and the bees?

The Lee Family
Otis is the 4th Generation to run the Lee Family Ranch. He is worried the cows won’t be able to produce quality milk because of all the bee stings. He has the mindset of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and a strong work ethic that has been passed down from generation to generation. He has a daughter who he hopes will take over running the ranch someday.
Vera is Otis’s daughter. She wants to bring peace to the Lee Family Ranch by finding a middle ground between the cows and bees. She understands that the bees are necessary and, unlike her father, doesn’t want them to be exterminated. Vera is taking online college courses in robotics and machine learning, and she loves to tinker with tractor parts she finds around the ranch. She aspires to become an inventor and create new contraptions to help with daily chores. Unfortunately, Otis doesn’t understand the importance of technology and discourages her tinkering. Vera has a hidden area in the dairy barn where she can work on her experiments without Otis lecturing her about tradition.

As you approach the attraction, you’ll see a large red dairy barn on the left and the Lee Family house immediately to the right of the barn. The dairy barn contains the entrance to the attraction, restrooms, and an interactive meet and greet area with a cow (or two). The Lee Family house contains the attraction exit, gift shop, and counter service treats. Surrounding the two buildings would include a large silo with some missing siding, half of a school bus taken apart for scrap metal, and a field of wild flowers near the barn. The barn has a large hive structure attached on the side near the rafters.

Interior Queue
The queue will have several comical sight gags depicting daily life for the cows. You’ll get to see what each cow likes to do in their spare time, such as watching Dr. Moo or listening to Zebu Mars. Vera has given one cow VR goggles to see if that will help improve milk production. You will see some interesting game titles such as Cow of Duty and Beef Jeweled in this cow’s pen. In another cow’s pen, you will see anti-bee posters and targets with dried milk stains on it.

Preshow Room
Vera greets you in her makeshift workshop. You’ll see all sorts of gizmos and gadgets made from tractor parts and other household items. She invites you to help test her latest invention: the shrink ray! Her theory is that if we shrink down to the size of the bees, we can finally communicate with them. Once we understand them, we can finally figure out how to end the fighting. Vera has made some makeshift bee drones that she used to test the shrink ray, and she wants us to go with her to interact with the bees.

Load – the vehicles
You’ll approach one of 3 trackless bee-shaped vehicles. These vehicles are covered with school bus siding to help the vehicles look more ‘bee like.’ Each bee seats 4 riders.

Scenes 1 & 2 – Shrink Ray
The vehicles enter the entrance to the shrink ray single file, with a monitor above the riders’ heads. Vera makes one last appearance to guide us into separate shrink ray pods. The vehicles back into separate rooms with a large wrap around screen. They lock into a motion-based platform. The vehicles turn around to face a screen showing the shrink ray aimed at the vehicle. It starts glowing and humming loudly; then the vehicles get zapped by the shrink ray.

Scene 3 – Flight
Success! The shrink ray worked and the vehicles are now the size of a bee. Riders will not begin a daring flight out of the barn and towards the field of wildflowers. Riders will find some bees nearby and follow them closely (but not too close). Vera radios in and asks how the riders are doing and if they’ve made contact yet. At that time, one of the bees spots the riders and asks them to follow her back to the hive. She says the hive could always use more help collecting nectar. Riders follow the bee back to the hive. During the flight, riders will narrowly avoid getting hit by milk from one of the cows (water spray effect). All of this happens on a large turntable that holds 3 sets of pods to lengthen the flight time.

Scenes 4 & 5 – Hive entrance and corridors
Riders will back out of each pod and into a busy hive entrance. Bees are flying overhead in various directions. Riders are greeted by another bee that walks over to them, which is another trackless vehicle with an audio-animatronic bee. She ushers riders to the briefing room, calling them recruits. She says we need all hands-on deck for the next major bee attack on the cows. Riders pass by anti-cow posters and bee related productivity posters, such as Rosie the Pollinator and her famous slogan “Bee can do it!”, before entering the briefing room.

Scene 6 – Briefing room
The door shuts behind the Riders and they are introduced to the General of the 28th Bee Brigade, Major General Buzzkill. She’s always looking for a few good bees to help the cause. Vera’s radio transmission interrupts Buzzkill’s briefing. Vera shouts “No! We don’t want to fight! There can be peace between cows and bees if we find a way to work together.”
Buzzkill is enraged that the new recruits are pro-cow. She orders the guards to take the riders, who she calls imposters, to the Queen’s chambers.

Scenes 7 & 8 – Guard’s pursuit
Each vehicle enters their own separate pod with large wrap around screen and locks into another motion-based platform. Riders try to fly through the narrow hive corridors to escape the guards. Eventually, riders get cornered and enter inside a small chamber.

Scene 9 – Queen’s chamber
All three vehicles enter the chamber backwards and turn around to see the Queen Bee. The Queen Bee is an audio-animatronic. She informs riders that her hive has been in this barn for ages. Lately, they have been struggling to survive because the cows eat and stomp on the wildflowers they need to survive. She explains that the cows are aggressive and shoot milk at her soldiers when they try to defend themselves and the wildflowers from the gigantic beasts. Because of this threat, the hive is devising a plan to keep the cows away from the field of wildflowers. The Queen orders her guards to take riders to the dungeon while she determines their fate.

Vera (over the radio speaker) “Wait! We had no idea. We don’t want either of you to fight. Call off the attack! We’ll keep the cows away from the flowers, honest!”
The Queen Bee reluctantly agrees. “You know, I have been looking forward to making milk and honey again.” As the Queen Bee is talking about how she looks forward to a new future of peace for the hive, the bee drones are starting to hum loudly. Vera interrupts “Uh guys, I think the shrink ray’s affect is wearing off. Get out of there NOW!”

Scene 10 – Dairy barn interior
A bright flash of light blinds riders and then everything goes dark. The chamber walls rise along with the Queen Bee animatronic figure and hides above our heads. When the lights come back on, riders are full-sized and inside the dairy barn. There is a small hole in the rafters where you can see bees flying around. Vera says “Wow, I can’t believe you did it!! You stopped the fighting just by talking to the Queen!”

Scene 11 – Vera’s Lab
Riders meet with Vera one last time as she is surrounded by several monitors showing various data streams about our vehicles and the shrink ray. “I am delighted that the cows and bees have stopped fighting. Just imagine what we can do if we work together; maybe we can make sweet treats with milk and honey. Great job you guys! Be sure to visit our house and fuel up with some of our homemade foods!”

Scene 12 – Unload
Riders exit their vehicles and walk down a hallway towards the giftshop. Attached to the gift shop is a counter service treats with the signature “Milk and Honey” handspun shake. The giftshop is themed to an old farmhouse living room and the counter service is found in the dining room/kitchen.