Is this competition open to college students?

It depends. The Storyland Design Challenge is primarily for design professionals, but graduate students are eligible to submit an entry. Unfortunately, the competition is not open to undergraduate students.

Is this competition open to teams?

Yes! Teams of up to 5 people are welcome to enter the Storyland Studios Design Challenge. All entries must be submitted by a team leader who is at least 18 years of age. Any prizes will be awarded to the team leader only.

Is there a design prompt?

Yes. Teams will be provided with a brief which outlines the type of attraction we are looking for. The brief can be interpreted by teams to be as creative as possible, but will be judged to six areas for evaluation (these are on the competition website). We want to test your ability to tell a story and recognize the benefits in practical use of implementation.

Do the artists retain the intellectual property rights and copyright to the original work regardless of who wins?

Artists retain all intellectual property rights and copyrights to their work. The only rights we retain are to promote and share the work as part of the competition. The winners will enter further discussions with Storyland Studios on completion of the competition relating to the further development and marketing of their concept. Please see the “Rules & Terms of Use” for complete details.

What should the submission deck consist of?

Please see the “Entry Rules” for details on what should be included in your submission deck.

Can a single-person business enter the competition?


We’re looking to see that you understand what’s possible and what isn’t. We’d love to see projects that stretch these boundaries and do something amazing, but remember that the winning entry will be further developed in order to be a tangible concept that operators around the globe can utilize.

As part of the project description that you submit (see the “Entry Rules” for details), show us your thought process on how to produce your concept. Will it use existing technology and techniques? Tell us about it! Are you creating something that’s never been done? Explain what proven methods you’re combining to create something new. This doesn’t need to be technical breakdowns, engineering documents, or schematics. Just tell us how you’re planning to accomplish your design.

For example, projects that rely on anti-gravity technology would not be considered “executable”—unless you’re planning to use magnets to pull off an anti-gravity effect. Show us you’ve thought about how to bring magic to life!

Is there a limit on the type or number of files I can submit with my entry?

Yes, we’re limiting submissions to 2 video files and 10 non-video files.

Any restrictions on the 10 non-video files?

Yes, they must be under 25 MB and in one of our accepted formats (JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, EPS, PSD, AI, PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, XLS and SVG).

What about the video files? Any restrictions?

You’ll need to send either a YouTube or Vimeo link. (We don’t provide video hosting.) Also, keep any videos under 5 minutes each.

Can entrants preview/approve how their submission will be displayed before submitting it?

Not yet. We currently don’t have that option, but we’re looking to add it soon.

Is there a limit to the number of pages a PDF submission can be?

No. As long as it’s under the 25MB file limit, it can have as many pages as needed. However, more is not always better. Try to make sure your entry communicates your idea clearly without being too overwhelming. The judges only have so much time.

Can I submit a single PDF, under 25MB, as my total submission?

Yes…but you shouldn’t. The judges will review the PDFs for the contest, but there won’t be anything to showcase on the contest website. You’ll miss out on having the world see your fantastic work! We’d recommend submitting the PDF and a selection of supporting items (images, copy, etc.) that can be displayed online. It’s ok if they’re also in the PDF.

Can I add additional documentation or edit my submission after I submit it?

Yes, mostly. Entrants can log into their submission and add additional files as often as needed before the competition closes. This will enable you to add additional supporting information but will not allow you to edit or delete previously submitted work. The goal is to provide a way to expand on your submission, not rework or revise what’s been submitted.

What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

You can contact us at sdcsupport@storylandstudios.com