Proudly Presenting a Platform for the Next Generation of Storytellers and Designers

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Our Mission
The Why

Storyland Studios are on a mission to create a better world filled with enchanting experiences and stories that lift the Spirit. We believe the foundations of the future are built on the next generation of storytellers and designers.

Following the success of our 2021 Design Challenge, we’re pleased to launch our next quest to find the most inspiring, innovative, upcoming storytellers and designers. You have the chance to win the ultimate prize in location-based entertainment.

The What

The Storyland Studios Design Challenge invites designers and storytellers to participate in a creative brief shaped and judged by themed entertainment and architectural industry professionals.

The brief will test your abilities to interpret, conceptualize, and ultimately deliver a location-based entertainment attraction that can be utilized in multiple environments.

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Storyland Studios are a full-service experience design and strategy firm with offices in the US and Europe. We imagine, design, and create story-driven experiences that lift the Spirit.

Established in 2001, Thea Award-winning Storyland Studios follows the design principles of the original Walt Disney Imagineers. By collaborating closely with our clients and partnering with top IP owners, developers, and visionaries, we provide strategic design solutions that will bring stories to life in a consistent and connected way through Experience Design, Immersive Storytelling, and Exceptional Service.

With offices in California, Atlanta, Orlando and London, our team of talented professionals have significant experience designing and developing destinations, theme parks, museums, resorts, attractions and more around the world.

We help clients arrive at a story-driven Big Idea and shape it into incredible narratives that resonate with guests and users across the globe. Our collaborative process launches a journey through Strategic Storytelling to Master Planning and Production Design while aligning the creative efforts with your business goals and providing memorable guest experiences.