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Taking Part

Do you have what it takes to shape the next pioneering attraction design concept? Does your concept have what it takes to win?

Participants will be invited to submit a concept for a new location-based entertainment attraction, either as individuals or as part of a team. Following the concept delivery phase, a panel of industry experts will judge your work. Entries will be narrowed down through an intricate process.

The top ten concepts from this phase will be submitted for further analysis and judging, with the top three entries emerging. The winning team/entry will receive a grand prize of $25,000, the chance to present their submission at IAAPA Expo 2024 in Orlando, Florida, and the opportunity to work with Storyland Studios to further develop the concept into a tangible, marketable product for the location-based entertainment space.

Entry Rules

So you’re interested in taking part in the Storyland Design Challenge? Great!

As you might expect, we’ve got some ground rules to keep this ballgame fair and square. Our Terms & Conditions set the stage for the “who, what, where and when” of the competition and boundaries to protect you and other entrants in pursuit of the grand prize.

They’ll also help you answer legal questions such as “Can I infringe on a copyright?” (Absolutely not!) or existential questions like “Am I a real person?” (We hope so!)

For more information, read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Grand Prize

The Design Challenge Winner will be the recipient of a $25,000 GRAND PRIZE* and will have the opportunity to showcase their winning design to industry professionals at IAAPA Expo 2024. The grand prize winner will also be able to explore further concept development with Storyland Studios, allowing them to present a marketable, tangible product to the location-based entertainment industry.**

* USD. International exchange rates apply.
** Terms & Conditions apply.

The Top 10 and Top 3 entries will receive social media and press coverage promoting their concepts.

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Evaluation Breakdown
  1. Depth and Richness of Storytelling
    Does it entertain, thrill, and excite?
  2. Emotional Resonance
    Does it move people to act?
  3. Design Innovation
    Does it push the boundaries of what’s been done before?
  4. Creative Use of Materials
    Does it find new ways to use old tools and design methods?
  5. Executability
    Is it doable?
  6. Ecological Compatibility
    What’s the impact on the area where the project would be installed?
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Mel McGowan
Storyland Studios
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Lexi Barry
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Bob Weis
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Theron Skees
The Designer's Creative Studio
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Morgane Keesling
Disneyland Paris
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Fabien Manuel
Compagnie Des Alpes
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Kelly Timmins
Atlantis Dubai
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Timothy Sau Kin Ng
Miral Experiences