A spy from The Agency has gone missing and their distress signal has just activated, indicating their location. This being the case, you must leave immediately to investigate the circumstances at play and if found, extract the agent. This is a time sensitive matter, be sure to proceed with caution, because nobody can be trusted. To help you accomplish the mission, you will be embarking with an ally and each of you will be given your own vehicle outfitted with the latest tech we have available.
Ride System
This dark ride is a hybrid roller coaster. The attraction will use technologies such as motion-based ride vehicles. The ride vehicle movement, combined with various roller coaster elements, such as bank turns and barrel rolls, would mimic the real-life movement of a car performing various stunts found in spy movies. Utilizing physical sets, projection screens, and special effects, you leave with new confidence as your world has been transformed, suspicious of the people in your party.
As you embark on this “mission,” spy movies are brought to life. As things go wrong, you begin to suspect that your ally has become a double agent and is now chasing you through the city. You fear that you have become the target. This includes narrowly dodging missile explosions, drifting around tight corners, and regretfully ends with a head-to-head collision as the double agent gets pushed off the top of a parking garage, sending him into a backwards freefall drop. Unbeknownst to you, he survives, and you think you see him exit the mission control center. Each time you ride, you are met with a new experience, unknowing in advance, if you are in fact the double agent.

Spencer Trimble
Jett Trimble