Amusement parks around the world have long been staples of fun and entertainment, ranging from early Medieval fairs in the Middle Ages to the cultural behemoths of Disney and Universal in modern times. They provide the opportunity for designers to dream up new attractions that push the laws of physics in adrenaline-inducing thrill rides as well as family classics such as slow-moving dark-rides that the entire family can enjoy. A theme park however expands a designer’s vision from a single ride concept to an entire realm of immersion, encompassing rides, shopping experiences, dining venues and live entertainment that must all cohesively convey a story to its audience, and must do so with a purpose – enter Flight Odyssey.
Inspired by the world of aviation and aerospace, Flight Odyssey was born out of a desire to teach and educate, as well entertain and excite, its audience by exploring the multi-faceted benefits, technical innovation and perhaps unconventional ways that aviation has shaped our modern world.

Park Overview

With an overall park boundary inspired by aircraft tail designs, Flight Odyssey is divided into three key theme areas that together help bring a greater understanding of the significance of aerospace engineering in our society. These three themed areas are:
• Transportation Station (TS)
• Innovation Station (IS)
• Generation Station (GS)
Each of these areas features at least one signature attraction, in addition to interactive guest areas, shopping and dining experiences and exhibition halls showcasing the history of aviation as well as the innovative technology being created for future generations to take to the sky!





Tiago Weishaupt Tazinazzo
Brandon Arroyave