Calling all volunteers.

So, you have just entered a research facility, as a recruited volunteer, for the human trials phase of their quest to find the key to predicting the future. As a volunteer, you will be subjected to various simulated states of chaos – both of the mind and body. You will be asked to perform certain, minigame like, tasks and all interaction data will be collected and further analyzed. But the tests are not for the faint of heart. So, before you enter the calibration chambers for final instructions and trial calibrations – you have but one question to ask yourself. Do you dare to volunteer?

State of the art ride system.

Chaos Institute – Human Trials, is an immersive thrill ride attraction, based on a completely new – state of the art – ride system. The ride is divided into two distinct parts. The lift tower holds interactive dark ride scenes with different mini games, themed as trials, that’s played using a simple button controller on each seat. When you arrive at the top of the tower, a unique turntable system will switch the vehicle onto the drop track, embarking the guest on their final trial, being a hybrid experience between a drop tower and roller coaster. This attraction will not only be about winning over your volunteer companions, but also winning over your fears.

Chaos theory – The backstory

Chaos theory explains that in all states of randomness, patterns can almost always be found. Pattern is the entity that makes something predictable. And by discovering these patterns, in situations that we tend to view as completely irregular, we can predict an outcome before it’s occurred. We already use chaos theory to predict weather, stock markets and many other fields. But what if we can use this to predict and control future history? That is the purpose of the research at Chaos Institute. But their new trial phase requires human volunteers.

The backstory gives depth and will ensure future repeatability. You don’t need it to immerse yourself in this thrilling research experiment. But the more times you volunteer, the more you will slowly discover that the ideas of chaos theory are visible throughout the experience. The institute’s backstory has dictated every decision, all the way down to the design of the mini games. And the themed queue is layered with info and hints, waiting to be discovered.





Story, concept & design: Jakob Fagerstrom
3D, sound & video: Jakob Fagerstrom
Motion graphic support: Anders Liljegren