From love tunnels to epic four-dimension journeys, dark rides are a huge part of the themed entertainment industry. Cutting-edge technologies have been used for almost a century to enhance the global experience, from old fashioned bus-bar alimentation to trackless, multiple ride systems combination or new video projection techniques.

Countless efforts have been made on the field of interactivity. But we feel it often resumes to shoot at a screen, change scene, and shoot at another screen. Now is the time to climb a new step, and transform interaction into action. Because the only thing cooler than witnessing a group of singing pirates looking for a treasure is to become this group of pirates with your friends and your family. We are pleased to present you La Caverne d’Opale – Le 13è trésor!

After completing an optional hint hunt on a mobile app through the surrounding area, guests will be brought into one of the raft made with the debris of the boat from Claude à la Barbe Grise to relive some of its memories and try to solve the mystery of a lost treasure, which location still hasn’t been found.

The raft is guided by a rudder, and equipped with cannons, a light projector, a treasure map, and a hurdy gurdy. All these equipments will be useful in the various interactive show scenes for the 6 guests boarding!

For the first time, guests will be able to direct their vehicle and roam freely into an attraction to complete some challenges, directly related to the mysteries from the hint hunt!
As we can unfortunately not really allow a group of 6 people to be totally free on a show building and wander for hours, the ride will be under supervision of an A.I called the Ride Director. It will manage Ride Control & Show control, and its role will basically be to use every tricks in the book, by triggering story driven visual, sound, mechanical and special effects to force decisions when it’s needed, and ensure that everything is going smoothly without negatively impact the other guests experiencing the ride.

The decision hub of the adventure is called “La Caverne d’Opale”, giving its name to the adventure, and will also allow some splash battle action when the weather allows it!

If guests manage to complete the hint hunt and perform well enough in the trials of the attraction, they will be able to find the location of the lost treasure, take a rare souvenir photo in front of their crew banner, and brag about it to their friends!