Mythos: Home of the World’s Legends

Every nation has a story and every culture has a legend. These stories and legends create the mythologies that have built each and every nation today. Mythos: Home of the World’s Legends is a place that brings all of these stories and cultures together in one place.
Enter into this new and exciting place full of wondrous tales and beautiful messages, and you will get to dive into the many cultures that have built the societies of the world’s nations. Explore the deserts of Persia with legendary heroes. Follow the magical woodland creatures in ancient England. Experience the magic of various Asian mythologies. Discover how every culture is connected through their stories and legends.

The purpose of Mythos is to create an interest and desire to learn of other cultures. The world that we live in is separated by politics, cultures, and hateful feelings toward others, but mainly by a lack of understanding one another. Mythos gives the opportunity for guests to learn more about the cultures of places like Europe, the Middle East, and Asia in a fun and exciting way. Understanding builds bridges and Mythos: Home of the World’s Legends provides the supplies. Future expansions can include the mythos of other cultures including Russian, South American, Polynesian, etc.

Upon entering Mythos, you will have the opportunity to journey along two different quest lines. Guests will receive a “Tome” that will act as a guide to follow these stories. Through them, guests can be fully immersed by interacting with the environment and the many animatronic characters.
Way of the Dragon
The way of the dragon can be found throughout many different cultures. On this adventure you will be finding the similarities and differences from one mythology to the next. You will discover how the time of the dragons and other magical creatures began in this world. Follow the Nymphs of Europe’s forests. Learn from the dragons in the Asian mountain ranges. Lend aid to the ancient Simurgh of Persia. You will interact with all of these hidden mythical creatures and more to discover more about their role in the world. Your quest and role will help you find a greater appreciation for nature’s gift of life.
Hero’s Journey
Upon choosing this storyline, you will follow the Heroes of many different cultures and take up the call for adventure. Everyone one has a heroic spirit within themselves that will awaken in this thrilling adventure. Take your tome across the deserts of Persia where you will find and meet helpful allies, such as the mighty Rostam, to assist your Journey. Face treacherous enemies or obstacles in the magical forests of Europe. Prove yourself as you assist the heroes face their greatest challenges. After completing this journey, you will join in a well deserved Hero’s Return with the satisfaction that you were heroic. Following this path, you will discover what it means to become a hero and find your place in the world.

In addition to receiving the tome, you will receive bluetooth, bone-conduction headphones that will aid in the immersive experience. Once you choose your quest you enter into the World’s Inner Ring. This circular room branches out into the different regions that you will explore throughout your journey. Within these storylines you will need to complete puzzles, solve riddles, and learn more about each culture to unlock hidden sections of each area. There will be sensor points scattered throughout the different lands that you can scan with your tome’s camera. Some sensors will be more hidden than others.
Tomes: The tomes will be touchscreen tablets with a camera on the back. These tablets will be inserted into a case that can open and close like a scroll. The scroll cases will be tailored to the questline (Way of the Dragon or Hero’s Journey). On these tablets, guests will have access to a quest log, map of the experience, as well as access to AR experiences throughout Mythos. This tome will also serve as an interface for guests to interact with various puzzles throughout the experience.
Headphones: The bone-conductor headphones send vibrations into the bone structure around the ear to provide the same quality sound without obstructing the conversations you are having with your friends or family. They have a multi direction button that controls the volume level. Because they are never inserted into the ear, these headphones provide a more sanitary system, as well
Environmental Sensors: Hundreds of these sensors will be scattered around the different attractions. The guests’ tomes will interact with the animatronic creatures and the surrounding environment. Some of the more hidden sensors offer small side quests to enhance the visit. Many of these interactions will be different depending on where the guests are in their quests using real time game engines networked in the tome.

The quest line you choose will be saved to your online account and you will then have access to educational materials where you can learn the history behind myths and legends from around the world.


Robby Palmer
David Palmer