Long ago, in ancient Greece, lived a simple carpenter who believed he was commissioned by Zeus himself to build a gateway. A gateway that would bridge the gap between Mount Olympus, humanity, and the Underworld. It is said that the carpenter would take frequent trips to the top of Mount Olympus during the gate’s construction, reporting on his progress to Zeus. Now, it’s your turn to follow in his footsteps and see what really lies beyond the gate. Are you up for it?

Race to Olympus is a thrilling dark ride that includes high speed trackless vehicles, dark ride elements, and a spinning room illusion giving riders a sense of shooting straight up towards the peak of Mount Olympus and then back down towards the depths of the Underworld.

Innovative Storytelling

Spinning Room Illusion

Unlike traditional spinning rooms Race to Olympus has multiple pathways leading out of its room and 3 ride vehicles housed in the center. This is made possible by extended bridges that don’t extend until the room is stationary and its doors are aligned with the ride vehicles. These bridges allow for the ride vehicles and guests to exit the spinning room from any direction thus continuing their journey to Olympus.

High-Speed Trackless Ride Vehicles

Pushing the limits of what a trackless system can do, Race to Olympus ride vehicles can reach speeds of up to 60mph and stop almost instantly. Ride vehicles can also spin a full 360 degrees while stationary or moving. This trackless feature allows for the entire ride path to remain visible as the path itself is an integral part of the story.