Life got you down? Having trouble juggling the stress of multiple apocalypses, along with a failing economy? It’s high time you ran away to join the Circus! Not just any old Circus either, get a look inside of Cirque du Freak: the most profitable circus (and only one left) in the world. Where the Ringmaster will turn all of your worry into wonder.

Be sure to keep your ticket close though, because the Ringmaster is known for being a shrewd businessman who makes his very own Clowns in-house. Although nobody has ever divined the secret to how he makes them. All anyone knows is that those who enter without a ticket are never heard from again, but new acts rise and fall frequently in his industrial circus. Perhaps you’ll be his next star?

The Circus Freak is a Narrative Dark Ride which fuses trackless vehicle elements and theatrical puppetry of all varieties to take the audience on an unsanctioned journey through the inner workings of the world’s greatest factory circus. Along the way, audiences will be accompanied by their own Mime Guide, become Clownified, and may even run into the Ringmaster’s nemesis: The Freak.

The Ringmaster’s Circus is a three floor building, and the trackless vehicles escort the audience backstage to explore all the dark secrets contained within. You’ll be taken through winding hallways and freight elevators, and be careful not to become hypnotized by the swirling candy stripes. The Circus Freak has plenty of moments for audience interaction including “face in hole” gags, interplay with the Mimes, and getting out of your vehicles to investigate the building for any way to defeat the wicked Ringmaster.




Concept and Design: David Fertik
Story: Alex McCormick
Ringmaster: Brandon Essig