There has been a hit-and-run. The victim, one Myrtle Wilson. Intel has identified the vehicle in question as belonging to a Jay Gatsby. But the real question here is who was driving this so-called “death car”. Now we, at the Long Island Police Force, have hired a team of private investigators, being you, the players, to go undercover and collect various pieces of evidence on two primary suspects. These investigators will be separated into two groups based on location, with one group searching East Egg and the other searching West Egg. Now keep in mind, only one suspect is guilty of driving the vehicle and it is on you, the investigators, to identify and convict the correct suspect. You will be competing as two location-based teams and you only have one hour to complete your objective before the case closes. If neither team succeeds, the death of Mrs. Myrtle Wilson will forever go unsolved, so please choose your teams carefully. That being said, are you ready, investigators, to take on the challenge and find out who really killed Mrs Myrtle Wilson?