To reach the new world, you must be willing to leave the old world behind—ARKADY points the way.

In a not-so-distant future, most human cities are no longer habitable. But Arkady presents a bold and persuasive alternative to the ways of the past.

You arrive in the small city of Arkady as a refugee from the old world, with so much to learn—and unlearn. The city welcomes you with open arms. Here, your curiosity is rewarded and your creativity is essential. Prepare to encounter a vibrant new world with surprising technology, provocative myths, and ancient wisdom that will delight visitors of all ages.

But beware: you and other new Arkadians must earn the right to stay by playing a role in nurturing the story of Arkady. Will you rise to the challenge and embrace this new world, or will you fall back into the old ways and allow Arkady to wither away—along with humanity’s last hopes of a future on Earth?


You pass through the gates of Arkady and feel an immediate sense of aliveness. It is a colorful and inviting oasis with lush greenery and elegant dwellings made from salvaged materials. People of all ages work side by side, and they smile gently at you, newly arrived and uncertain.

This city is built for resilience, but also for beauty. Enormous awnings stretch from building to building, shielding you from the sun while also collecting rainwater. Shaded nooks beckon beneath leafy trellises. There is art on every corner. Murals and mosaics—made from plastic bottle caps and old mobile phones twinkling in the sunlight—tell the rich mythology of the city. Arkadians know that objects carry stories, and they use art to remind us of where we have been and do not wish to return.

As you explore Arkady, make sure to stay alert for opportunities to reclaim who you are. It is easy to repeat what we have been taught: fear, scarcity, conformity. The old world is always nipping at our heels, eager to pull us back into the old ways. But here in Arkady, you can choose a different path. You can experiment, tell stories, imagine, create, and explore. You have an important role to play, nurturing the story of Arkady for future generations.

Arkady is bursting with new ideas and new opportunities to remake our world. Return regularly to rehearse the revolution alongside Arkadians. It’s hard to resist the temptation to fall back asleep, but remember—Arkady awaits. And we need you.


(Walk-through attraction with 5D cinema, live show) The Archives are the main attraction of Arkady and the beating heart of the city. As a newcomer, you will be initiated here in a thrilling welcome ceremony—but first you will explore three separate rooms, each with a curator.

The Reporting room is a majestic and multisensory library, where any living being may deposit a story. The Translation room is an art studio with stations, where you can pull a story and then translate—or interpret—it in your preferred art form or language. The Experimentation room is a hands-on learning laboratory where daredevils and scientists seek out new stories by conducting experiments.

Which role will you play in Arkady? Decide in the Ceremony Room, the culmination of the Archives where the Council will witness your choice. To welcome you as the newest Arkadian, the Archives flare up in a dazzling performance which completes your initiation.

After exploring the Archives, guests have much more to discover. Relax by the Stream, get creative in the Longhouse, and stock up at the Market.

Come and build the new world with us.

Accepting new Arkadians, summer 2022.


Angie Annett

Liliana Brown

Bonnie Stinson

Andrew Carey