Imagine stepping into a giant immersive coloring book.

Each of those perfectly white segments calling out to be colored in – your fingers itching to fill the blank spaces..

On Color Blast you spin, shoot and fill the monochrome surroundings – huge digital set pieces fill the arena space – and using digital screens and video mapping – you aim your blaster and fill the world with color.


Each player can make their own pattern and style that best represents them – that they can use to splash across the canvas for the pieces they claim, as well as to see their ranking, and even use it again on their next visit!


In each vehicle the riders work as a team to bring as much color to space before the time runs out. Your trackless vehicle will spin and whisk you to the next zone. Each space is scored depending on its size and reach – so you can be scored by car and individually. The car rotates around the space as you fill the area with your patterns that move with the beat – to create a pulsating brilliant immersive mural.


Adding to the atmosphere the arena is open to guests waiting to ride who are able to interact with the ride as it’s in progress, a mini game they play may reward them with the ability to spin the cars, or set of the volcano or even turn out the lights!

Roger Beale
Kris Oliver