Mechanical Screw

is a project between knowledge transfer and experience.
Because through the world of Nikola Tesla (inventor of electricity) and Viktor Kaplan (inventor of the turbine), visitors not only experience a spectacular roller coaster but also a world of inventions and a museum of curiosity.
Because what is nothing to combine beautiful knowledge and experience.

The visitor walks through the Technsiche Museum and is guided through the world of inventions by living pictures (screens) so that the visitor does not experience boredom paired with music and language in the waiting area. Thus, the visitor is already immersed in history. Next, the visitor gets a little glimpse of the roller coaster and Tesla and Kaplan introduce the new invention that the visitors can test. In the next step, the visitor is guided in a simulated elevator through several movements to the station of the roller coaster. The spectacular roller coaster ride of inventions begins as the finale.
The roller coaster can be done with normal and as a spinning coaster.


Tesla and Kaplan want to test a new invention and are looking for volunteers for their new invention, the mechanical screw. A few years ago, the two of them set themselves a new goal of designing the perfect mechanical screw. The visitor is the test person and can experience this exciting roller coaster ride with a museum. Because Kaplan and Tesla invite visitors on a journey through their museum before hand.