No longer are themed experiences expected only in theme parks — consumers today expect those experiences when going to their mall, local movie theater, or favorite restaurant. When setting out to design Pirates of the Coin, we took that new reality and thought, “what if we took something so familiar like an escape room and turned it on its head?”

Instead of trying to break out, you are trying to break in. In this case, crack the code to a cursed pirate chest by being immersed in exploration missions throughout America’s oldest city, St. Augustine, FL.


Our guests’ story begins in the Pirates of the Coin Hideout (image one). Here, guests are fully immersed in the golden age of piracy. From the light fixtures and wood finishes to the cast and costumes. Before guests set off on their quest to crack the code to the cursed chest, they are given a crew packet (image two) which includes a booklet that will lead them on their quest throughout the ancient city, bandanas, eye-patches, and temporary tattoos to truly look like a pirate crew.


Once guests have geared up and looked through their crew packet, they set out exploring the city, deciphering the clues within the crew booklet leading them to iconic locations throughout St. Augustine, FL. As guests arrive at these locations, they will decipher that specific location’s riddle and solve its hidden code (image three). After deciphering all riddles and unveiling all parts of the entire code, guests will head back to the hideout and be escorted to the treasure vault.


As guests enter the treasure vault, they are greeted by a looming chest shrouded in a curse (image four). As the wooden doors shut behind them, the lights fade to black, and the pirates of the coin flag hanging on the wall comes to life. “Avast matey! What? have you never seen a talking skull before? Well, let me introduce myself…” As Jolly Roger continues, they walk our guests through the backstory of the chest and how to enter their deciphered code below. Once the code is entered, Jolly Roger can’t believe his eyes. “Blow me down —You have done it!” As the chest opens, treasure as far as the eye can see. “Blimey! That’s a lot of doubloons… You know what… as a sign of our appreciation, the treasure is all yours, but your journey is just beginning. Welcome to the Pirates of the Coin, mateys.” (Image 5)


As guests use their canvas tote bag to claim the treasure found within the chest, they will find chocolate coins, small toys, and discount medallions to be used in the hideout shop and at local businesses/restaurants throughout the city. With their newly received treasure, guests will make their way out of the vault and back into the hideout shop where they will pickup souvenirs to remember their experience at home before they continue exploring everything the city of St. Augustine, FL has to offer.




Teodoro Leo
Gregory Leo