You are a team of reporters, journalists and investigators invited to document the discovery of long forgotten caverns hidden deep beneath the rocky slopes of Table Mountain, known as ‘Hoerikwaggo’ by the San (the indigenous people of South Africa).
These same caves were once also explored by the Portuguese explorer, Bartholomeu Dias centuries ago. What secrets do these caves hold? Hold your breath as you prepare for a thrilling discovery.

The Full Experience :
The ride entrance is situated at a “kraal” or ring of huts. The main hut hides the secret entrance to the tunnels that lead to the sacred caves of the San. You enter into a system of caves. Electronic cabling is visible all the way to the loading bay which includes scientific equipment for the exploration of the caves. The ride itself will have an app available for download that provides additional content for the guests.
App elements will include:
• Queue line activity – Hold the phone up to various rock art on the walls to start AR rock art animation sequences explaining the San creation myth
• Queue line activity – Capture as many animal species as you can find for scoring
• Electronic copy of on-ride photo if purchased
• Post ride activity – Learn to pronounce the San ‘clicks’ used in their language
• Post ride activity – Draw you own rock art of your ride experience
• Retail store updates – receive the latest on new merchandise
• Update on any promotions, new activities or in-ride changes to ensure visitors return for a ‘re-ride’.
The pre-show explains the San creation myth from the point of view of the Earth Goddess, Djobela. The show room is intended to house a stone column within the cave which transforms into a verdant tree (Djobela) with the four walls depicting animations of the story being told.
Ride System :
The intention of the submitted design is to allow for construction with existing ride systems in use today. Unique elements to the classic boat ride include water coaster track, including a drop-track section. Additionally the boat ride will include an acceleration portion for added thrills. Many scenes within the ride will also have screens and projection effects, along with classic animatronic elements.
*No need to invent new ride systems. Use the systems available but include hybrid elements to create new and exciting experiences.*
Some Design Notes :
• Move away from standard themes. Instead, use themes that are relevant to a specific country or city’s culture or heritage. Draw inspiration from local legends and myths. This makes an experience unique and will hopefully draw visitors from all walks of life.
• Use the opportunity to provide some educational information. Even though the story may be fantastical, provide the opportunity for people to leave the experience asking questions. I’m hoping that after you watch my ride video that you are googling the San and their fascinating history! Or maybe reading up on the journeys of Bartholomeu Dias.
• IP makes things easier, but in the case of no IP, tie the story to something fascinating in reality, then create your story. I would hope that after riding ‘Secrets of Hoerikwaggo’ you would want to go Table Mountain for yourself? Or after visiting Table Mountain, you might want to try out the ride?
• Allow for a secondary storyline. Follow ‘Dassie’, the rock hyrax as he is stalked by the wild caracal, until he unwittingly joins you on your boat adventure.
• As much as possible, ensure the ride is accessible to those with disabilities.
• Allow fire exit routes & maintenance passages. Maintenance bays provided in lower show building.
• Timing of scenes is crucial for audio, special effects, and primarily the coaster element for safety. Transition scenes have been allowed for to make up time where necessary
Final Thought :
Move towards sustainability.
• Use flat roofs to collect rainwater
• Use flat roofs to place solar panels
• Move away from single use plastics
• Recycle and re-use
• Go paperless where possible
I hope you enjoy the ride!