Welcome to The Traveler’s Rest: an inn, or a tavern, or perhaps a bar. You’re not really sure. All you know for certain is that you were tired and hungry and, by whatever cosmic means, you ended up here: a place between worlds where all manner of creatures congregate for a simple meal, a drink, some rest, and perhaps a story or two. So grab a seat and grab some food, because you might just be here for a while.

The Traveler’s Rest is a world-hopping ride/show based off of the popular RPG premise of “You meet in a tavern.” The tavern’s guests step through the front door and find themselves swept away into a fantastic plot as the building travels to strange new worlds. Some of these worlds are wonderous and inviting, while others are hostile and dangerous. Guests are guided on their journey by the mysterious Keeper, a man who, despite his time in the tavern, still only has a rudimentary understanding of its workings.
This ride functions on a similar basis to 4D theatres, with hydraulics to move and shake the room. However, the ride adds an extra dimension: the entire room rotates around a central pivot. This allows the guests to see new “worlds” outside the very door that they entered through. These “worlds” are sets that sit in the corners of the building. After the guests enter, the room slides inward, rotates to the next set, and slides back into place. Up to three rooms can be in use at a time.

As guests progress through the ride, windows flash, sights and sounds come from outside, and the entire room shakes, creating an exciting, mysterious experience that may change how they see the nature of reality and perhaps even show them the wonder of the world they live in.