Ice Age Expedition represents a new breed of themed attraction that combines a beautiful hike through nature with immersive storytelling elements.


The concept was inspired by the universal feeling of excitement and curiosity we can feel in nature when we spot a wild animal or find a unique plant. I wanted to magnify that experience with this concept for a travelling attraction that could be set up at hiking trails and nature destinations to make use of their existing infrastructure and facilities.

Story Experience

Upon entering the Ice Age Wildlife Park, guests will be recruited as volunteer wildlife rangers and set out on an expedition to search for incredible animals brought back from extinction with cutting-edge science. The guests will encounter massive animals from the Ice Age like the giant ground sloth, paraceratherium, mammoth, and glyptodon that are brought to life with animatronics. They will get to touch and interact with baby animals that are brought to life by puppets and a 10-foot long saber-toothed cat that they will help tag, measure, and nurture. Along the trail they will enjoy fun tasks like counting giant birds nests and spotting huge animal tracks left by the 9-foot tall terror bird or the 20-foot tall giant ground sloth. This will be an unforgettable expedition for the guests that will inspire a love for the natural world they live in.


This new format of immersive storytelling set in natural environments could also be adapted for many other themes and stories beyond extinct animals. I would love to visualize a similar experience for fantasy creatures and characters that would give guests a thrilling and magical adventure! This type of experience would also be an interesting way to create a small-scale publicity event or pop-up attraction for popular IP stories. It also could be very beneficial to ski resorts and the nature parks that host it as a way to attract new visitors and boost attendance in the off-season.

All it takes is a bit of imagination and a nature trail to make an unforgettable expedition!