For the past 60 years, rides built around stories were perfect ways to satiate the needs of escapism (story/theme) and play (ride/thrill). But, we now stand at a time where we can go beyond escapism and play. The current world order and time context call for a new typology.

A typology that solves the puzzle of making the guest a Hero in the story. A typology that can nudge social behavior. A typology that is real, true, and authentic. A typology that moves beyond rides and theme parks. A typology that integrates both the physical and the digital environment with the common factor being the guest. A typology that democratizes the theme park and makes every place an attraction with the help of a backstory. A typology that wraps reality around a story-based experience. A typology that borrows from knowledge fields of the modern-day. A typology that integrates into human life and improves the quality of life through experiences, frameworks, and settings.

Presenting to you Earthience – A 3-Level New Story-based Experience Typology.

Explained through the examples of Lord Smith’s Island Treasures, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, The Samaritans, and Utopia.

Big ideas start somewhere.