This themed entertainment package, named Estrangia, was designed for an original fairy-tale/political commentary novella I wrote during my senior year at Laguna College of Art and Design. The story follows an explorer named Robin Shannon, a man whose stories from across the utopic globe have afforded him great wisdom and fantastic tales. He shares his stories with everyone he meets on his never ending journey to see it all! Until one day, he wanders into the land of Estrangia. For the first time in his life, Robin encounters a myriad of troubled characters in this new land. He learns of the divisive history of this dystopia and seeks to reunite and heal the sullen folks that call Estrangia, home.

I set out to create this narrative in order to frame the fragile and divisive condition that the United States finds itself in today. Through experiential entertainment, I imagine Estrangia as a theme park where guests can not only experience the thrill of the park attractions, but more importantly experience a dysfunctional landscape that calls on guests to inspect where they fit within greater issue, being divisive American culture, and what they can do to fix it.

The first few deliverables include three environment designs. Each is set within the boundaries of their own subland; King’s Keep exists in the Inner Kingdom, an industrious city; Cauldron and Canopy exists in the Woodlands, a magical commune; and The Boot Shoppe exists in between the borders of the two former rivaling locations.

The last couple of deliverables include two character designs that would be the featured meet and greet characters. Lady Dottie Bug is a welcoming and confident character that invites guests into the character dining experience that is Cauldron and Canopy. King Marcus Mane is a proud and laughably dumb character that is escorted around the Inner Kingdom in a palanquin, in a very parade like fashion.