Earth’s climate is changing. The causes of this are varied, and discussion of the issue often leads to divisive rhetoric from all sides of the argument. But regardless of the reasons for climate change, few people can deny that summers are getting longer and hotter, storms are forming more frequently and more violently, and glaciers are melting at an astonishing rate. We know this because we see it on television and read about it online, but few of us ever experience the effects of climate change first hand. This disconnect leads many to view climate change as an abstract idea rather than a looming crisis.

This walk-through attraction intends to take the abstract and make it real by allowing guests to experience a not-too-distant future in which climate change has continued at its present rate. Feeling the cracked earth beneath their feet, inhaling stifling and stagnant air, and having their clothes and hair whipped by violent winds are just some of the ways guests will have all their senses engaged as they confront the reality of the changing climate. Through six scenes (plus a preshow introduction and a post show call to action), guests will travel to major regions around the United States and live through the changes to the climate most likely to impact that area. Between scenes, guests will pass through transition zones to ease them from one location to another and provide some context for the scene they’re about to enter.

This attraction doesn’t point fingers at the causes of climate change, but rather acknowledges what the world may look like within our lifetimes if no action is taken, and offers suggestions and resources to help guests enact eco-friendly changes in their own lives. This experience is a call to action, and guests leave feeling empowered to do what’s right for the environment. Because it isn’t too late, but it will be soon.