Just off the eastern coast of Florida lies Mostlatlan: a man-made island inspired by the ancient Mexica island of Tenochtitlan. This immersive experience is inspired by ancient Latin-American culture and a contemporary cityscape, fusing the two to create a never-before-seen educational experience.

Alongside the incredible landscape and intricate architecture lies the E-ticket attraction, Tlāloc’s Realm. Featuring an innovative spin on the traditional military dukw tour, this
environmental adventure promises magic and adventure around every corner.

Overall Land Experience

The waves lap up against the island shore, punctuated by the drifting sound of a clay flute and the briny scent of the sea. The briny scent is joined by the earthy essence of good soil, and something incredible hums just beneath the surface. Amidst the mist, the great island emerges: Mostlatlan, land of esperanza, progreso, y fe.

Bienvenidos. Ximopanōltih. Welcome home. Moving deeper onto the island, guests find the city: a sprawling, larger-than-life metropolis that combines Latin American architecture with sprawling greenery and high-tech elements.

No matter what barrio guests wander into, elements of technology are mixed in throughout the crawling vines and towering trees: a high-tech aqueduct system there, an interactive screen advertising the day’s weather and train schedule here. Each neighborhood has a new culture to explore and new ideas to dive into, but in the center lies the island centerpiece: Tlāloc’s Realm.

Tlāloc’s Realm
The Temple of the Gods has existed for thousands of years, kept safe by generations of scholars and apprentices across the ages. You, our guest, are heading on our apprentice’s first tour – the tour they need to complete to graduate – through the temple’s storied halls. Only, what’s meant to be an easy graduate’s tour turns into a whirlwind ride when weather turns catastrophic.

Tlāloc’s Realm and Mostlatlan were developed and created with culture and heritage in mind. During the early research process, Team Tlāloc became familiar with early indigenous folklore and its reigning themes of environmentalism and collectivism. The story behind the land and attraction was crafted with these tropes in mind, as well as a healthy dose of “what-if”. What if the conquistadors had never arrived in Latin America? Out of that question, a high-tech temple was born.

In reference to art and architecture, Team Tlāloc gathered literature and architectural findings from across the web. The team also visited the Mayan Courtyard at Maitland Historical Museum for greater understanding of architecture, art, and the Mayan Revitalization movement.




Xavier Treto- Concept Artist
Alex Mesa- Show Writer
Alyssa Gonzalez- Environmental Graphic Designer
Camrin Arreseigor- Industrial Designer