Welcome to Fairy Cove! Fairy Cove is a family entertainment complex where guests are whisked away into a cozy fairy nest where stolen trinkets are stored, rare flowers bloom, radiant mushrooms flourish, and glowing crystals gleam! Housing a thriving community of oft-shy and sometimes difficult to spot fairies, Fairy Cove offers unique retail, dining, and immersive themed experiences for the entire family.

The central dining area branches off into the Gemstone Caverns, where guests are dining just across the mushroom pond, and the Fairy Village, where real fairies can be heard (and sometimes even seen!) tinkering away inside their homes.

The pools of Gemstone Caverns run rich with lustrous gems and jewels, bioluminescent mushrooms, and glimmering crystals. As legend has it, the mysterious magic of these caverns is what drew fairies to Fairy Cove in the first place. Every half hour, you can catch the crystals and shrooms of the room light up in a melodic, dazzling display of color and sound. Here, you can pan precious stones from the Gemstone Caverns flumes!

In the fairy village, activities bustle year round. You can catch glassblowing demonstrations in the Glowing Gourd, sit for tea time up on the terrace, as well as catch the enthralling storytime hour as they are scheduled throughout the day. You can even take a moment to write a letter to the fairies, drop it off in one of their mailboxes, and expect a personalized letter to arrive back at your home address!

In order to receive your own enchanted pair of glowing fairy wings, you must first be fitted. The fairies of Fairy Cove can be prideful and secretive with their magic— therefore, an offering of valuable forest gatherings must first be made before they will share the magic of the forest that causes your wings to glow. A sprinkling of fairy dust from your souvenir jar should do the trick. The contents of each jar should be unique to you— fill them with glittering fairy dust, acorns, four leaf clovers, and handpicked flowers– then marvel as the wings of your choice take on their own unique gleam.

The fairies of Fairy Cove have invited humans into their midst in the hopes that we will grow to appreciate and care for the forests, hills, and valleys that they call home. The magic of Fairy Cove invites you to experience the most ancient and precious sort of magic– the magic of Earth.