Before theme parks, the opera was one of the most engaging ways to tell a story. The combination of characters, music, and decor thrilled and enchanted spectators of all ages.

Sadly its great tragedies, epic stories and light-hearted comedies are less known nowadays. With this ride we want to pay homage to the stories of the opera, using contemporary techniques to connect a modern audience with this form of art.

After entering the theatre, guests can meet the legendary soprano Donna Giulia. She is getting ready for a one of a kind performance in a wonderful show where the best operas are portrayed altogether. However, Donna Giulia refuses to get out from her changing room without her crown jewels, putting in jeopardy the show’s success.

Guido, factotum and the clumsy servant of the soprano, has to find her jewels. He asks the guests to help him search for the lost jewels in the backstage. Guido and the guests look everywhere, disturbing the cast who are rehearsing famous operas like the Aida and Carmen.

After finding all the jewels, Guido delivers them to Donna Giulia, just in time for the opening aria. Now you can sit back and enjoy the show!

The ride system is based on the well-beloved Omnimover system combined with a shooting system. To keep the guests’ attention to the story, we’ve hidden only one jewel per room. At the end of each room, guests are rewarded with a different scene depending on their success.

This project was made by us (Jessica and Gerben) specifically for this competition.
We hope you enjoy the ride!