At the base of a mountain, hidden in a bamboo forest, lives the Ningyō-shi, the Doll Maker, Hideyoshi Uchiyama. Uchiyama’s dolls have brought him fame throughout Japan. The quality and care he gives each doll are so intricate one can swear the dolls are alive. One day Uchiyama took his crafting abilities too far. In a moment of arrogance, he declared he would make the most lifelike doll in existence. He locked himself in his workshop and began the task. Soon after, locals began to notice strange occurrences in the forest surrounding Uchiyama’s home and workshop. When they went to check on the artist, they discovered he was missing. In Japanese culture, there is a long-standing belief that every doll has a soul. Unfortunately for Uchiyama, his latest creation had a corrupt soul.