Inside of an unassuming warehouse lies a portal to another dimension…

Welcome to The Wonder – an immersive adventure that puts the you in the center of a living story. The 360 experience takes place within a 20,000 – 40,000 sq ft of indoor park, with endless things to explore and engage in! Every trip to the wonder is completely unique. You may may find yourself in a Regency-era fantasy, a neon cyber-punk future city, a nostalgic mall in the mid-1980s, or a seedy motel that hides a secret speakeasy. The Wonder will have seasons of different themed overlays, so the experience is always changing and evergreen.

The facility consists of three main areas: The Pre-Show Lounge, The Main Street, And the Main Stage.

The immersion begins immediately when the guests arrive, in the Wonder Preshow Lounge. The lounge is where you gather before showtime, grabbing themed refreshments and interacting with select characters in the fantastically themed environment. When the clock strikes showtime, the guests will be entranced in a pre-show play, where they will get a taste of what’s to come behind the entrance doors. Cast members will then open the doors to The Wonder, and fantasy will become reality.

The adventure starts as you enter the Main Street: an explorable avenue set in another place and time. The characters that inhabit the world will welcome you as they go about their activities, making the world of the wonder feel alive and electric. You are free to roam and explore the expansive square footage of in-universe shops, clubs, homes, and secret passages. Each character you interact with has a deep backstory and current projects that you can be involved in as you’d like as you pull back the curtains of the innermost mysteries of the city. There are many ways to interact, from physically engaging in puzzles and quests, to listening for secrets and involving in the personal affairs of the inhabitants.Like a choose-Your-Own-Adventure video game, there are thousands of ways to explore – your experience will no doubt be completely different each time depending on who you interact with and when. You can deeply affect storylines by how you give advice or what information you divulge to a character!

If you’re looking for a more traditional type of show, then be sure to grab a seat at the Main Stage – an area of non-stop entertainment. Here you will be an audience member of an in-universe display of talent, with amazing variety acts such as live music, magic, game shows, and more! You could spend the whole evening here if you’d like, and get a completely different experience than those exploring and interacting on the main street. But most guests will want a bit of both, you’ll quickly see how the characters are intertwined with the performances on stage!

The Wonder Is a place where the adventurers can escape, the curious can explore, and the dreamers can frolic in land of fantasy. We believe that immersive is the future of entertainment, and we can’t wait till the day we can walk through the turnstiles of the Wonder, together.


Aubrey Huntsman & Joe May (Paintbox Entertainment)


Second video is a link to a previous production we did of a similar experience – but much more small scale!