Project Prometheus, a live-action theatrical park inspired by the video game world. We plan to create a full-scale theatrical game experience using business models and storytelling techniques from the video game industry.

Sign up as a mercenary for the Aegis corporation and battle against an oncoming global threat in the stars above the planet earth. Retake the network of skipping stations and earn glory side-by-side with your closest friends. Level up your character class to get stronger and take on tougher foes.

Gather a team and test your skills against other mercenaries in our player-vs-player arenas battling for fame, glory, and a humble amount of bragging rights. It’s time to venture into the vastness of space and earn your place in history in this live-action role-playing game park.

This is a new theme park for a new generation.


Nick Hobson
Shannon Guerrero
Austin Haynes
Paul Hobson