The ultimate nightclub destination.

What makes Ruckus Emporium different from existing huge, world renowned nightclubs? Unlike traditional clubs that only play a certain category of music each night, Ruckus Emporium is a district of many themed, interconnected nightclubs that simultaneously operate, giving guests the ability to explore every music genre that speaks to them in a one-stop destination for every type of popular music and beyond!

The major clubs include:

Pop Century: A classic americana diner and ice cream parlor themed to Pop music

Rasta Arcadia: A tropical beach themed Reggae music paradise

Urban Jungle: A city and subway station, with vibrant graffiti art, themed to Hip Hop music, with iconic cars infamous with famous rappers.

Extacy Pavilion: A bright, colorful, futuristic spaceship of Electronic Dance Music, with a dance floor full of lasers, fog, strobes and immersive visuals projected on a domed ceiling

Psybient Landing: A chill, alternative Electronic music club, playing Downtempo and Ambient in a modern relaxed lounge setting.

Temple of Baphomet: A dark, foggy, underground dungeon of Heavy Metal

Assimilation Matrix: A gothic cyberpunk dystopia for Industrial music.

Each of the major clubs feature a themed retail and dining experience, and are interconnected to minor clubs, covering genres such as Classic Rock, Jazz, Disco, Folk, Indie, Country, Classical, and World music.



All interconnected by an expansive story-based immersive experience


Enter the Mystic Mansion of Music’s Muse, A regal palace that transports you to a supernatural realm created by the Spirit of Music, a deity that throughout history has captivated mortals and entered their souls, inspiring them to seek mastery of music and achieve innovative new forms of expression, in the pursuit of an immortal legacy amongst the great evolution of music.

Start at the foyer around a gold idol of the Spirit of Music in the center of a fountain, and follow the grand hallway to the atrium at the center of the mansion, a huge domed atrium above the tree of musical evolution, follow the spiral staircase up its trunk, and discover how genres branched out of the same source, creating subgenres with pioneering artists inscribed on its leaves. Crawl out of the tree through suspended tunnels that lead to the mansion’s higher realms, a projected night sky above the glass atrium where constellations immortalize history’s greatest music stars.

Explore the estate’s deep corridors and expansive hallways to discover surprises behind every door. You might find yourself in the early days of a genre’s history, or in a room inhabited by one of its pioneering artists, or dive into an immersion zone where architecture and space synchronise with music, through lights and animation. Go on a personal journey to follow the sounds that speak to you, and find your way to the nightclubs of your favorite kinds of music.

There are infinite routes and possibilities, through the vast labyrinths that lead to the mansion’s deepest realms. Take the ground floor and discover the scenes of the most popular forms of music, or venture into the mansion’s basement to find a crypt of obscure underground incarnations of lesser known subgenres, and extreme, experimental forms. Or ascend to the higher realms and discover legends and the legacy and influence they had on popular music.

You might gravitate to realms that express your identity in a certain scene, or you might get lost and discover an entirely new style that speaks to you. The journey is as unique as the individual, and it may take you to a place where you feel at home amongst your people, or thrown into an unknown realm of discovery, the possibilities are endless and the choice is your own!


Complete with immersive retail and dining experiences


Want to relax and unwind to a quieter ambience of your favorite music? Take a break from the dancefloors in each club’s themed dining experience and order specialty dishes and cocktails named after artists, albums and lyrics iconic of your favorite genres. Check out the fashion modeled by waiters and bartenders emblematic of your scenes style, Because it will be available in the adjacent immersive retail experience.

Want to dress the part and celebrate the unique fashion associated with your scene? Shop for clothing and accessories, band merchandise and souvenirs, or explore your favorite records and dive into similar artists in a compressive collection of physical music organized by its unique sub genres. Explore the entire retail district and mix and match your garb to celebrate your unique interest in multiple music scenes!


Ruckus Emporium will be the ultimate music themed attraction


By offering an all inclusive celebration of all musical expressions, every individual can find themselves included in a social atmosphere of people with similar interests, while simultaneously expressing their unique identity as a fan of multiple types of music. The creation of a positive environment that honors both the obscure and the mainstream, with fluid crossover, will be Ruckus Emporium’s legacy of creating a grand cultural melting pot that cherishes all music from all walks of life!

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