Hit play on a trip through your favorite movies unlike any other, where YOU can live your own feature presentation!


When David Goldwyn died, his rarely frequented video rental store passed hands to his cinematic fanatic son Duncan. Dismayed by the death and decay of what had once been a hub of filmic fantasy, where streams of people would find stories to illuminate their evenings, Duncan vowed to restore the store to its former glory as a portal to new worlds far and wide.

The store has now reopened after a long hiatus for renovations, and you are invited to browse the shelves. Stepping through the doors, you are smacked with a blast from the past: nostalgia for the 90s breathes in movie paraphernalia and neon lighting. Video cassettes once again line the walls, and the music is ebullient under lively murmurs. Beyond the main store floor, however, is the intrigue of a new room, from which lights erupts. As you enter, you realise that this is no ordinary 1990s revival: Duncan has created a true portal for customers, allowing them access to the many cinematic worlds adorning his shelves. Now, he is inviting you to enter the worlds of horror, fantasy, romcom and more and explore your own Feature Presentation.

Attraction Set Up:

Our attraction consists of a video rental store facade, decked in neon lighting, immediately creating a sense of 90’s nostalgia. Inside is the main store floor, a retro reflection of days gone by, with VHS tapes lining the shelves among other 1990s paraphernalia and attraction specific souvenirs. Hints of Duncan and David’s life scatter the room.

Moving from the store floor, guests are invited into a pre-show, taking place in a vortex with a 90s hacker vibe. Here they learn more the backstory of Duncan and David, and are transported via their choice of VHS tape into the realm beyond.

Moving on, guests are then invited to experience a plethora of intertwining movie genres up close and personal from inside our movie theatre themed ride vehicles based on Triotech XD.

After this dark ride experience, the cinematic world opens up, for guests to explore at their will. Here we have a series of genre-inspired rooms, each offering their own unique experience:
Romantic Comedy: Café and walkthrough
Horror: Horror maze
Science Fiction: Arcade and themed bar
Action/Adventure: Escape room and obstacle course
Storybook: Walkthrough and shows
Fantasy: VR flight experience
Holiday/Seasonal: A variable room, changed for the season.


We’ve set our eyes on a permanently closed chain retail store location, Toy’s “R” Us, located in 4635 Chino Hills Pkwy, Chino Hills, CA 9170.

The 90,000 sq footage area and additional plot of land became the perfect candidate in providing an assortment of new entertainment and experiences for both locals and tourists.

Becca – Show Writer/Creative Director
Sabina – Show Writer/Creative Director
Jojo – Concept Designer
DJ – Technical Director

Pitch Deck