The Adventure

Welcome to Nyx’s Grand Getaways travel agency, home of dream destination packages like Mount Olympus, Poseidon’s Palace, and the Underworld’s Field of Asphodels.


And now, for the first time ever, guests can secure a ticket to Dream Odyssey, a luxury cruise destined for the never-before-seen Realm of Dreams!


The Experience

When guests book a ticket for Dream Odyssey, the last thing they expect is a surprise appearance from Eris, the clumsy Goddess of Chaos. Her volatile magic sends the entire ship plummeting into the most monstrous layers of Tartarus, where they must depend on Eris — and her unpredictable powers — to find a way out.


The Digital Ticket


Guests are encouraged to reserve a ticket online ahead of arrival, but may also purchase entry in-person at the ticket terminal. Both options will result in a digital ticket being sent to the guest’s email to either print a physical copy to bring with them or scan digitally, directly from their phone.

Upon ticket entry purchase, each guest will select a time and date to board Dream Odyssey.

Virtual Queue


Once guests have selected their preferred date and time to board the ride, they will be prompted through either email or text message to check-in at Dream Odyssey’s ticket terminal at least thirty minutes before their scheduled departure time.

Check-in will automatically add a guest to Dream Odyssey’s virtual queue line. While they wait, guests are free to experience the many hands-on, VR and AR-themed games available in the terminal, including Catch the Camouflaged Kraken or Steer the River Styx.

Guests receive an alert to begin boarding via an overhead speaker terminal announcement and a digital alert by email and/or text message.

The Preshow

Guests will leave the ticket terminal and step into the VIP lounge, where their “celestial celebrity” meet-n-greet preshow begins. Characters include:
-Nyx, Goddess of the Netherrealm and leader of the travel agency
-The Oneiroi Bros, twin Gods of Dreams and agency game experts
-Hypnos, God of Sleep and head of agency promotions

What should have been a breezy photoshoot soon turns chaotic when Eris, Goddess of Chaos, crashes the show to announce that she, too, will be joining this voyage. Nyx quickly dismisses guests, leading them to enter the ship simulation.

The Simulation

Dream Odyssey prepares for take-off and shoots into the sky toward the Realm of Dreams. This simulation will show guests that they are leaving Buena Park, California and even Earth as they know it. For a moment, they’re flying among the clouds.

All seems well until we hear an unfortunate exclamation from Eris, and then the whole ship takes a nose-dive in the opposite direction.



Once the simulation comes to a stop, guests step out of the crashed ship and find themselves in a dark cave. But the architecture isn’t just stone here — there are faces in the rockface, and odd symbols carved into the harsh columns. Hypnos confirms: you’re in the underworld.

Worse, you’re in Tartarus.

While most of your divine crew are busy assessing the damage and helping evacuate guests, Eris is marching ahead, confident that she can right this wrong by ferrying the passengers out of this cave. From what you’ve heard of Tartarus, this is not a place you want to be. You reluctantly follow Eris to the River Cocytus below — the river of wailing and wandering souls — and board a boat that she seems to manifest from the glow of her magic golden apple.

The Attraction

Ride Systems


The Dream Odyssey experience features two ride systems that help convey the story of Nyx’s Grand Getaways to guests through an action-packed experience:

-Cruise Ship: Advanced Technology Leisure Application Simulator (ATLAS) by Thales Training & Simulation Ltd.
-Tartarus: The Rocking Boat by Mack Rides

The Advanced Technology Leisure Application Simulator (ATLAS) provides 360-degree movement capability that mimics the flight patterns of any airborne vehicle. As a tried and thoroughly tested system (Star Tours at the Disney Parks) that can be used in conjunction with projection and OLED screen technology, the ATLAS lets guests take flight on an immersive journey from Buena Park to Hypnos’ Realm of Dreams.


Dream Odyssey will also feature a new innovation by Mack Rides called Rocking Boat, which allows guests to continue their adventure down the River Cocytus and escape Tartarus. The rocking boat features an independent upper vehicle from the chassis, mimicking the roll and pitch of a real buoyant vehicle. Additionally, the vehicle is also powered by a submerged motor which allows for forward and backward movement on a track that is able to take tight turns and climb inclines without a lift hill.

These features will not only thrill guests with never-before-seen maneuvers, but pair well with Dream Odyssey’s action-packed environment of monsters, mortals and gods.

Proposed Location

Dream Odyssey will live in a retired Sears building in the Downtown Buena Park shopping center located in Buena Park, CA. Located next door to Knott’s Berry Farm, this location will not only provide a magical escape for mall patrons, but also create an accessible adventure for nearby guests of Knott’s Berry Farms.



This prime location offers 119,359 square feet between a multileveled warehouse building. A second facility to the west, the Sears Auto Center, is also available for purchase and would create an additional 11,316 square feet for expansion. As a warehouse, the Sears building offers spectacular interior flexibility that perfectly houses the world of Dream Odyssey without any additional construction needed.

Target Audience

The primary audience for Dream Odyssey includes young adults (American Millennial – Gen Z) who want an experience but may not have the availability to travel, and seek educational escapism as a result. This twenty-something audience strongly values validation and acceptance, creating a desire to root for the underdog with a “be the change you want to see in the world” mindset.

The secondary audience targets families with teenagers (also Gen Z) who may have recently outgrown attractions targeted for younger age groups, and want something a bit more exciting with an unconventional storyline.

Dream Odyssey immerses guests in a world where gods exist, Underworld monsters roam beneath our feet, and a dream realm powered by unbridled imagination is within reach. It’s here that guests are encouraged to act with kindness as they follow the lead of one very dysfunctional family of deities.

Executability & Ecological Compatibility

Dream Odyssey is planned for a retired Sears building located in Buena Park, CA, that has been empty and on the market for quite some time. Oddly, it’s a location that just can’t be beat for a new attraction:
-Connected to an active shopping mall, located 22 miles from downtown Los Angeles
-Home to numerous attractions with an established audience of local and tourist visitors
-Located next door to an attraction that sees 4 million visitors per year

The ecological impact would be very limited, as this location already has an existing building and flow of guests that Dream Odyssey has been designed around.


The Team


Producer & 3D Modeling: Ten Francis
Concept Artist: Alex Kaplan
Illustration: Theron Langhorne
Story & Video: Jessica Shock
Graphic Design: Gary Wu

Special Thanks To:

Eris Voice Actress: Rachel McDowell
Hypno Voice Actor: Mark Yampolsky