Attraction Overview:

Take part in an incredible experience through time in The Paradox Adventure. Aboard a spatio-temporal train, the Visitors travel at full speed to the future and discover a dystopian world guarded by an intelligent interface that will do everything to prevent them from returning to the past.

The project presented here is fully available by the judges in its entirety 28-pages Story Guide.

This document is divided into 6 different parts:

1. The Presentation of the Attraction.
2. The Themed Land.
3. The entire script (including all scenes, actions, descriptions and complete dialogues of the characters).
4. The part of the operators.
5. The references.
6. The technical details.

Utopia – a unique and optimistic themed land:

The Paradox Adventure takes place in a futuristic land called Utopia, a world parallel to ours and highly advanced thanks to the exploits of an inventor named Edward Fint.

During the experience, Visitors will have the opportunity to admire many inventions created by this intriguing inventor. In addition to being a complete and interactive attraction, it is an optimistic story that pushes us to act and create at the end of it.

A rich and detailed Storytelling:

Edward Fint was the most prodigious inventor and entrepreneur Utopia has ever seen. With the help of his teams, he founded the company Fint Innovations with the main goal of making the world a better place with help of new technologies. And it worked, because years later, it’s a total success! Edward succeeded in changing the world with his work based on renewable energy.

But one invention remained to be accomplished: that of a space-time train, allowing the most daring minds in Utopia to travel through time and contemplate the progress of humanity. This invention never saw the light of day during his lifetime, despite all his insight. It was such that he decided to create a copy of his own soul through an intelligence interface in order to fully complete his machine once his company and his teams were up to the task of finalizing it.

Years later, thanks to the new talents of Fint Innovations, the temporal train is finally ready to be presented to all.

On the occasion of the Fint Experience (an exhibition dedicated to the company’s history), the most curious and daring Visitors have the chance and opportunity to test this invention in worldwide premiere.

An ecological land:

The Utopia themed land’s got both a high-tech and organic architecture representative of Mr. Fint’s ingenuity, but also an ecological architecture to underline his company’s commitment to renewable and sustainable energy. Many green spaces are scattered throughout the land, above the buildings, as well as wind turbines and solar panels.

The presence of wind turbines and solar panels is justified firstly because it reinforces the story, but especially because they are fully functional in addition to being elements of scenery. This allows the attraction and the entire land to be powered by the energy collected.

Strong characters:

During this adventure, the Visitors will have the opportunity to meet Sara Lewis, a scientist who has dreamed all her life to contribute to the realization of this temporal train.

Sara is the main protagonist of this story. Together, she and the Visitors will team up to foil the plans of the company’s artificial intelligence and thus return to the past safely.

A complete experience:

The Paradox Adventure was written entirely like a 360-degree film in which the Visitors step in and are the true heroes of the story. In addition to having a fun experience, they play a crucial role in it because they resolve the conflict in the end.

Every scene created, from the queue to the exit, has been deeply thought out to create a unique, rich and consistent experience.

The coaster part is just as rich. Each section of the ride has a purpose and allows the story to be told in a totally immersive way that few roller coasters did before.