Station OMEGA Pavilion

Deep in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, we at Odyssey Research & Conservation Association [O.R.C.A.] have uncovered ruins thought to belong to the lost civilization of Atlantis. It is now a fertile undersea garden for all swims of life. We set up an air-pocket underwater facility in one of the sunken Temples with a dual purpose: to research the history of the civilization, and to learn about the wildlife, much of which was rare or endangered species that found sanctuary in the ruins.

O.R.C.A. now invites outside explorers and conservationists to come and learn from what has been discovered, with proceeds helping to fund continued research and conservation efforts. Guests of all ages will find ways to have fun and learn. Educational sea life exhibits and edu-tainment show teach the importance of conservation and living more harmoniously with nature. Artifacts scattered throughout give kids an educational and interactive learning quest experience as well as an area to play and explore with others their age. All of these activities can be explored before, after, and while waiting in a virtual queue for a mystical boat voyage: ATLANTIS: Uncover the Lost Secrets. The pavilion’s E-ticket ride gives Guests a first hand look at the secrets of the lost civilization and the discovered reasons for its destruction.

This pavilion station emphasizes spreading awareness of conservation efforts & environmental impacts on marine life, both globally and locally (wherever the pavilion is installed). It is also designed to be a center for rehabilitation and repopulation programs set up to help endangered species come back into the world. We hope to partner with real-world wildlife foundations and marine institutes to help us make an even bigger difference in protecting our environment and our planet’s biodiversity. By bringing their knowledge, we can better inspire & inform Guests on how to take action in their own lives.

Inside the Station, Guests can explore and enjoy:
– E-Ticket Flume Ride — ATLANTIS: Uncover the Lost Secrets (ages 5+)
– Marine Life Oceanarium & Aquarium Exhibits (all ages)
– Conservation Edu-tainment Show (all ages)
– Explorers’ Quest Interactive Exhibits (ages 5-12)
– Rubble Rumble Play Area (ages 3-10)
– Quick service food & beverage

ATLANTIS: Uncover the Lost Secrets E-Ticket Dark Flume Ride

Countless myths persist surrounding the once-thriving ancient culture known as Atlantis, and the most consistent themes among them are concerned with the relationship between humans and the nature upon which we construct our empires. As Guests navigate the shining civilization in its heyday, they fall in love with the empire for its exemplary ability to live and work harmoniously with its surrounding environment.

At each turn along the journey, Guests witness the growing over-reach and imperialistic temptations which incrementally pulled Atlantis towards its catastrophic fate after ignoring Mother Nature’s grave warning. Guests experience firsthand the mighty corrective power of Mother Nature herself. They are left to interpret the fallout of her retribution as they explore the sunken ruins of the wrecked kingdom and witness how nature reclaimed the environment.

The legend of Atlantis has become infamous as a cautionary tale which admonishes listeners to respect our surroundings, check our hubris, and live within our means. It’s principally a call to action: as more than just passive observers, we’re encouraged to empathize with the Atlantean fall from glory—and ponder the parallels to more contemporary affairs, including our real-world influence on the climate.

Pavilion Sea-life Exhibits

Come discover the wonders of sea life. Learn about how it thrives and how the actions of the human world affect marine ecosystems and habitats. See the conservation, rehabilitation and repopulation efforts of the station, and learn how you can answer the call to action by doing your part.

O.R.C.A.’s Station ΩMEGA is home to observation exhibits where Guests can witness and learn about a variety of sea life. Both live and digital exhibits inside the pavilion will teach Guests about the wonders of: modern animals and plants, prehistoric species and fossils, and deep sea and bioluminescent life. From fish to mollusks, crustaceans to plant life and more, this station is part of a worldwide conservation effort to protect, rehabilitate, and repopulate members of the endangered species list.

Explorer’s Quest

Calling all young explorers and conservationists!
Help O.R.C.A. discover hidden knowledge of the Temple by completing an interactive quest!
Prove your worth to Mother Nature and be rewarded!
– An ancient amulet allows you to unlock clues hidden within artifacts and exhibits scattered around the Temple
– Up to 10 puzzles (3-5 minutes long) can be completed at the leisure of your team
– Guests can find a member of the Excavation Team outside Rubble Rumble to start their journey
– Completing the journey will earn Guests and team (of 6 or fewer) a special show by Mother Nature and a token of Atlantis!

Edu-tainment Show

Guests of all ages can come and relax while engaging their minds to learn from marine life professionals about:
– Programs on rehabilitation and repopulation of local endangered species
– Planetary impacts of waste on aspects of marine plant life, like coral reef bleaching
– Sustainable fishing practices and the benefits of biodiversity
– Steps they can take at home and in the wild to help protect the beauty of the oceans

Rubble Rumble Play Area

The youngest of Guests have a space all for themselves. An opportunity to let their imaginations run wild as they have adventures, make friends, and discover secrets of the Temple hidden within the play-on ruins.

Rubble Rumble is located directly next to the entrance to ATLANTIS: Uncover the Lost Secrets Parents are provided with plenty of nearby seating to relax upon with good sightlines to watch their energetic adventurers as they wait in the virtual queue.





Chris Klein — Creative Director + Show Writer
Marcus Stone — Producer + Show Writer
Josie Pruitt — Concept Artist
Mackenzie Motsinger — Graphic Designer
Weston Blum — Show Writer